Delaware River WRAPS

General Information

Contact Email:
Start Date:
October 31, 2005
Project Manager:
Ted Hinton
Sponsoring Organization:
Glacial Hills Resource Conservation and Development Region

Geographical Information

Geographical Area / Watershed:
HUC 8 10270103
Water Bodies:
Delaware River, Perry Lake Reservoir, Mission Lake, Banner Creek Reservoir

Project Goals & Objectives

Project Goals and Objectives:
Surface water

Project Achievements

Other Committee Members:
Jennifer Delisle, Mary Fund, David Royer, Roy Hallauer, Wayne Niehues, Marilyn Snider, Luke Terry, Bill Brannon, and JIm Reitz
Chairperson Contact Information:
2751 Antelope Road

SabethaKS 66534

Phone: 1 785-945-6292
Committee Chairperson:
David Zeit, Chairperson, David Royer, Vice Chairperson
Description of Project Achievements to date:

Delaware River WRAPS Plan completed May 2007; 9-Element Watershed Plan approved October 2011. Outreach efforts to educate and inform the public about watershed, water quality and WRAPS issues are on-going.
Delaware River Streambank Restoration Program will result in completion of over 40 streambank stabilization projects on the Delaware R., Muddy and Straight Creeks by end of 2013. The project has successfully implemented other BMP programs including cropland BMPs, cover crop initiative, gully erosin controls and livestock waste management projects.
In 2012, the National Water Quality Inititiative selected Grasshopper Creek, a HUC 12 watershed within the Delaware River Watershed, for the initiative. The NWQI will provide nearly $300,000 funds annually for at least 2 years through the NRCS – EQIP program for conservation practices that will address sediment and nutrients in Grasshopper Creek.

Project Partners

Project Partners:

KS Alliance for Wetlands and Streams, KS Ass’n for Conservation and Environmental Education, KS Forest Service, KS Rural Center, Citizen Science, WaterLINK, Rangeland and Natural Area Services, KSU Extension, No-till on the Plains, County Conservation Districts (Atchison, Brown, Jackson, Jefferson and Nemaha), County Board of Commissioners (Atchison, Brown, Jackson and Doniphan), KDHE, NRCS, Northeast KS Environmental Services,

Delaware River WRAPS