Watershed Institute, Inc.

General Information

Organizational Narrative:

Here is what is new with TWI.

TWI’s has recently founded a sister nonprofit corporation called the Watershed Land Trust a/k/a WLT. This newly founded corporation will be used to hold title to Conservation Easements acquired through the TWI In Lieu Fee program.

Who is TWI when did it begin?

The Watershed Institute began as a concept for solving natural resource problems in an effective, natural manner, by using an inter-disciplinary group of natural resource professionals with expertise in the sciences, business, legal and public affairs.

Some of the recent activities of TWI include:

Consulted on the redesign of Westover Farms trout hatchery in S.E Missouri.

Geomorphic tour of the Flint Hills for the Nature Conservancy.

Selected Wetland Monitoring sites with the EPA across the USA.

A little about what we do: We are a seasoned interdisciplinary team with experience and expertise in natural resource assessments and monitoring, habitat assessments, stream enhancement and restoration design, streambank stabilization and construction, wetland design and construction, and water law. We have the knowledge, resources, and abilities to solve any natural resource problem or need.

Provider Background

  • BMP’s / Tech Implementation:
  • Stream bank stabilization & restoration
  • Wetland management
  • Stormwater
  • Erosion control
BMP’s / Tech Details:

Stream bank stabilization & restoration The Watershed Institute is the leader in stream bank stabilization and restoration with over 40 miles of projects under its belt…100 feet at a time.

Wetland Management Wetland delineation and management is a strength of the Watershed Institute team.

Service Area

All – We serve the entire state

Additional Information

WRAPS Projects your organization is currently working with:
The Watershed Institute provides administrative oversight, management, and inspection of all Comprehensive Study contractors, to ensure that contracted activities and deliverables are performed according to stated procedures and completed within approved timeframes. The Watershed Institute conducts streambank stability analysis—in four (4) prioritized subwatersheds above Marion Reservoir—using standard assessment techniques and measure bank erosion rates at two (2) locations within each prioritized subwatershed. The Watershed Institute conducts field observations, measure key streambank and channel characteristics, and photograph channel features sensitive to the various processes of erosion in order to develop a Bank Erosion Hazard Index (BEHI) rating and a Pfankuch Channel Stability rating for various reaches in each prioritized subwatershed; install bank pins and monitor the erosion rate at two meander bends—within each subwatershed—identified during the streambank stability assessment. All activities will be conducted on lands where access permission has been granted by willing landowners. The Watershed Institute measures the erosion rate of four (4) Marion Reservoir shoreline areas identified as priority problem areas by the District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Kansas Department of Wildlife


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Watershed Institute, Inc.