Norman Ecological Consulting, LLC

General Information

Organizational Narrative:

Norman Ecological Consulting, LLC is a small business with an ecological expertise, providing the following services: wetland assessment, delineation, mitigation, and permitting; natural resource assessments; rare plant surveys; vegetation monitoring; steam asset inventories; alternative stormwater management design; erosion control inspections; and restoration plans and management.

Provider Background

BMP’s / Tech Implementation:
  • Stream bank stabilization & restoration
  • Wetland management
  • Erosion control

Service Area

All – We serve the entire state

Other Services

Habitat Assessments, Inventories, Mapping, and Management

Norman Ecological provides expertise in assessing plant communities including wetlands to determine their composition, quality, and extent.  Field data can then used to complement GIS mapping efforts of wetlands, prairies, and other habitat.  Results of assessment and mapping will then be summarized into a concise and readible report.

Stream asset inventory–provide a stream asset inventory and accompanying report–highlighting general stream conditions, areas requiring stabilization, and recommended improvements. Firm will also provide its professional opinion on ways to enhance riparian corridors with native vegetation

Wetland management–provide a field assessment and report of the wetlands (and uplands) indicating its condition, efforts to improve the habitat, and short- and long-term management requirements.



468 N 1700 Road

LawrenceKS 66049

Phone: 1 785-691-9748
Norman Ecological Consulting, LLC