Lake Region RC&D – Ecotone Forestry

General Information

Organizational Narrative:

The Lake Region RC&D provides educational outreach, grant assistance and riparian management technical assistance and coordination. Ecotone Forestry, a subsidiary of Lake Region RC&D, has a Watershed Forester available that provides one-on-one on site technical assistance to landowners. Ecotone Forestry was created not only to provide technical assistance but to implement forestry best management practices for landowners including Forest Stand Improvements and Riparian Forest Buffers. The Lake Region RC&D is a non-profit organization with the mission: “To plan and initiate leadership and education to assist communities to develop local goals and objectives for managing economic growth improving quality of land,water and life.”

Provider Background

General Services:
  • Education
  • Grant Assistance
General Services Details:

Information and Education – We can conduct workshops for landowners in identified sub-watershed areas on riparian management. This could include brochure, promotion, and coordination of presenters, caterer, and site logistics. Watershed Forester available to make presentations on variety of forestry best management practices (BMPs).

BMP’s / Tech Implementation:
  • Forestry
BMP’s / Tech Details:

Implementation assistance – We can implement forestry practices including but not limited to forest stand improvements, riparian forest buffers, tree/shrub establishment and tree/shrub maintenance.

On-site technical assistance – This includes initial site visit to determine project potential, follow-up visits to check progress, workshop presentations, and planning meetings.

Forest Assessment – Assess sub-watershed stream corridors needing riparian forest buffers utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to compare existing riparian inventory, soils, and aerial photography. On-the-ground inventory of forest condition or forest buffer potential is also available.

Riparian Forest Buffers – This includes site visit, management plan including design specifics for practice, maintenance recommendations and completion certification.

Forest Stand Improvements – This includes site visit, data collection, tree marking, management plan including specific methods, plan maps, and herbicide application.

Service Area

All – We serve the entire state
Marais Des Cygnes

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Lake Region RC&D – Ecotone Forestry