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General Information

Organizational Narrative:

Since 1979, the Kansas Rural Center (KRC) has been a non-profit research, education and advocacy organization promoting sustainable agriculture and sustainable food systems in Kansas. Currently KRC sponsors several projects addressing conservation and resource issues aimed at helping producers adopt more sustainable farming practices that protect our soil and water resources. These include the Clean Water Farm-River Friendly Farm Project and the Grazing/Forages Efficiency Project (also known as the Assisting Small Diversified Family Farms to Implement TMDL’s Through Forage Use Efficiency Project.)

These two projects are in the process of being merged (Sept. 2008) and provide a range of services and assistance to farm and ranch producers including one-on-one consultations to producers using the River Friendly Farm Environmental Assessment (RFFP) and grazing management tools to create whole farm plans and grazing management plans for individual farms and ranches, and technical and financial assistance in implementing best management practices. KRC also offers a variety of educational opportunities; see below for a more detailed description.

The River Friendly Farm Environmental Assessment (RFFP) is a self-assessment tool a producer can use to evaluate the environmental strengths or weaknesses of his or her operation. The RFFP is basically a planning process to identify needed and workable changes and the available state and federal assistance to address those needs. The Grazing tools help producers develop a grazing forages plan to extend their grazing season, keep livestock out of confined areas longer, and develop alternative watering sources– all geared toward water quality protection while maintaining profitability.

Provider Background

General Services:
  • Education
  • Grant Assistance
  • Facilitation Resources
General Services Details:

KRC provides educational opportunities and planning and technical assistance to farmers and ranchers, and to WRAPS Watersheds. Services for producers include:
* Regular teleconference calls on grazing topics;
* Workshops or presentations on a variety of cropping and grazing systems subjects,
*Farm tours or field days of BMP’s;
*Best management practices planning, technical, and financial assistance;
* Media outreach with farmer profiles and news stories to local and state newspapers and media sources;
* Individual farmer or rancher environmental assessments and whole farm planning and implementation (using the RFFP and grazing tools through one-on-one consultations).

Services for WRAPS watersheds include:
* Staff participation in planning and organizing watershed educational events or outreach;
* One on one consultations with producers within the WRAPS;
* Assistance as needed in developing and reviewing watershed plans or documents.

The RFFP and other related documents can be accessed at the KRC website: www.kansasruralcenter.org/cwfp

BMP’s / Tech Implementation:
  • Stream bank stabilization & restoration
  • Livestock
  • Cropland
  • Onsite wastewater
  • Erosion control
BMP’s / Tech Details:

KRC offers individual producers assistance in the planning and implementation of best management practices for improving livestock wintering facilities and livestock waste facilities, cropping runoff problems, alternative livestock watering systems, grazing systems projects, and streambank stabilization projects and riparian protection. Through our assessment and planning assistance, KRC staff work closely with individual producers to identify not only the problem or potential problem, but also work in partnership with the range of agencies and institutions to help the producer develop the best most workable solution and identify the available financial resources to help implement the BMP’s. KRC also works with the local WRAPS watershed coordinator and stakeholder leadership teams and other service providers to focus BMP’s and educational events within high priority areas of the watershed. KRC staff have 13 years of experience working with producers, communities, and other service providers and understand the critical importance of listening to producers and offering them a menu of options and choices for addressing water quality problems or potential problems.

Service Area

All – We serve the entire state

Additional Information

WRAPS Projects your organization is currently working with:
From 1995-2005, KRC worked statewide with producers interested in developing whole farm plans and implementing BMP’s to address on-farm problems. In 2005, KRC began working with about 18 to 20 WRAPS watersheds in various stages of development. Currently (September 2008) and through March 2010, KRC is working(to varying degrees as funding differs for each) in the following WRAPS watersheds: Cheney Lake WRAPS; Delaware WRAPS; Eagle Creek WRAPS; Grouse/Silver Creek; Lower Kansas WRAPS; Middle Kansas WRAPS; Upper Wakarusa WRAPS; Marion WRAPS; Melvern WRAPS; Twin Lakes WRAPS; Upper Fall River WRAPS; Marais Des Cygnes WRAPS; Milford WRAPS; Neosho WRAPS; Neosho Headwaters WRAPS; Toronto WRAPS; Tuttle Creek WRAPS; Oologah/Big Springs WRAPS.


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