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Watershed Specialists throughout Kansas have made excellent headway in raising awareness, building trust relationships, demonstrating best management practices (BMPs) and motivating changed behavior of farmers/producers. We are in the field getting practices on the ground. Watershed Specialists have been successful in helping producers implement important changes for improved management practices that make a real difference for water quality in the watershed.

The Watershed Specialist serving your watershed will work with the WRAPS team to focus efforts on your priorities for the coming year.

Provider Background

General Services:
  • Education
BMP’s / Tech Implementation:
  • Livestock
  • Cropland
  • Erosion control
BMP’s / Tech Details:

Activities and services that Watershed Specialists can provide to your watershed include:
1. Personal contacts with farmers and ranchers regarding water quality concerns and build trust relationship.
2. On-site farm and ranch assessments and One-on-one consultation.
3. Demonstrations and field days.
4. Determine and design site specific practices, prepare Nutrient Management Plans and Pesticide Management Plans.
5. Watershed inventory, analysis and mapping; utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology.
6. Help producers implement specific BMPs (install and shape grass buffers, livestock alternative watering site and development, feeding site relocation or pen size reduction, diversions and berms, conservation tillage, cropland best practices for herbicides and pesticides, riparian area restoration strategies, the variety of BMPs given WRAPS priorities, and design the combination of strategies most appropriate for this farm/ranch.) 7. Specific presentations regarding water quality, BMPs, and innovative strategies.
8. Ongoing outreach, information and education including brochures, flyers, and news media.
9. Ongoing WRAPS collaboration and teamwork.

Service Area

All – We serve the entire state

Additional Information

WRAPS Projects your organization is currently working with:
Services Available Statewide To assure future Watershed Specialist services in your watershed contact your specialist: Will Boyer: 785-843-7058; wboyer@ksu.edu Ron Graber: 316-722-7721; rgraber@ksu.edu Stacie Minson: 785-814-7100; sedgett@ksu.edu Jeff Davidson: jdavidso@k-state.edu


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K-State Watershed Specialists