K-State Pollution Prevention Institute

General Information

Contact Email: sbeap@ksu.edu
Organizational Narrative:

The Pollution Prevention Institute works with business, industry, and municipalities to reduce pollution at its source of generation. PPI provides assistance in identifying ways to eliminate or reduce pollution before it is generated by changing working materials, practices, or technology. PPI has developed water quality self assessment tools for the ag service industry; RV parks and campgrounds; vet clinics and fairgrounds; and for those who clean parking lots. These tools provide suggestions for best management practices. PPI has worked with educating private citizens on pollution prevention through the Home*A*Syst program. Home*A*Syst is a confidential, self-assessment program citizens can use to evaluate their home and property for pollution and health risks and learn how to minimize those risks. Tools are found at www.sbeap.org.

Provider Background

General Services:
  • Education
  • Facilitation Resources
General Services Details:

PPI will assist with identifying industries within a watershed that are potential contributors to unwanted contaminants in surface water and groundwater. PPI will provide education on pollution prevention practices and facilitate discussion.

BMP’s / Tech Implementation:
  • Stormwater
BMP’s / Tech Details:

PPI maintains a Kansas green infrastructure website, http://www.sbeap.org/water/green-infrastructure, that includes case studies, tools, and example ordinances. PPI has trained volunteers on how to identify and clear invasive species along stream banks without compromising the integrity of the stream bank.

Service Area

  • All – We serve the entire state
K-State Pollution Prevention Institute